Intelligent Ingest

For Limelight Origin Storage Services


Intelligent Ingest makes it easier than ever to accelerate the delivery of your video-on-demand, file distribution, web acceleration, gaming or e-commerce content. Now you can automate upload into high-performance Limelight Origin Storage Services based on either user demand or a manifest. Either way, increase your investment return on digital assets, cloud storage, and content delivery.

Challenges Accelerating Content

Many organizations rely on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) like Limelight’s to provide great user experience for their content delivery and websites. A key component of a typical CDN is origin storage. But all origin storage is not created the same. Limelight Origin Storage Services provide dramatically better performance and availability than ordinary cloud storage, with time-saving intelligence and automation.


But the process of migrating some or all of your content from slow origin storage can be a headache, whether done all at once or over a period of time. For many businesses, that process consumes time and resources that are already scarce — and can be better deployed elsewhere.

How Intelligent Ingest Solves the Challenges

Intelligent Ingest automatically migrates content from slower storage to Limelight Origin Storage Services. There are two modes to choose from.

Load on Demand

Automates upload based on audience requests. Each time a user requests content that isn’t in the Orchestrate Platform, it’s automatically retrieved from current origin and delivered – and also stored in Limelight Origin Storage for future requests. This process migrates your files over time, and requires no human intervention. You can even specify maximum concurrency and bandwidth.

Manifest Upload

Automates upload based on a list of content. You can migrate all your content, or just a selected portion of it, without major interruption to your workflow. Set the total migration time, and also speed up or slow down based on your requirements for network availability and capacity. Upload any number of objects, even multi-terabyte libraries, at rates up to 10 TB/day.


Both options can be combined for fast, simple, and automated ingest. For example, start with Load on Demand to populate content based on user demand. Later, use Manifest Upload to fill in the gaps.

Business Benefits

Keep your audience engaged

Automatically accelerate every piece of content.

Maximize value and minimize interruptions

Streamline upload while remaining in control of migration rate and total capacity.

Improve security and asset protection

Protect your origin from spikes in demand, with attack absorption inherent in the Limelight CDN. With Intelligent Ingest, it’s even easier to get the performance, reliability and workflow benefits of Limelight Origin Storage Services.

About the Orchestrate Platform

Limelight Orchestrate is a cloud-based suite of software built on top of a world-class content delivery network (CDN) that enables you to deliver any kind of digital content—websites, video, file downloads, games—to anywhere, on any supported device.